Specialists in climate ceilings

For over fifty years, Interalu has been a specialist in the development and production of metal ceilings and climate ceilings. Our ceiling solutions are sustainable, ecological, safe and provide unparalleled comfort. 

Our products have a lot to offer. We guarantee:


  • Contemporary and flexible design
  • Improved acoustics
  • Fire safety
  • Easy access to the technical installations
  • Sustainable, maintenance-friendly materials
  • High efficiency in heating and cooling
  • Healthy and clean air for optimised comfort


“Our specialty is to offer customised ceiling solutions together during the conceptual phase. If necessary, we adapt our products to achieve that match.”


Depending on the building and what the priorities are, we can suggest various solutions.

Climate ceilings

Interalu's climate ceilings are designed for cooling and heating. Climate ceilings offer you many advantages:


  • Acoustic comfort
  • Temperature control
  • Sustainable choices
  • Budget-friendly
  • Flexibility & safety

Metal ceilings

Interalu Group has an extensive range of ceiling panels and cassettes in aluminium and steel. Thanks to the unique features and integration of various techniques, we create a comprehensive concept:

  • High-performance acoustics
  • Customised lighting
  • Ventilation for an optimal indoor climate
  • Recessed smoke detectors and motion sensors
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