In 1971, the Schrauwen family started the company that would grow into Interalu and LCC Plafonds, two sister companies, where one specialises in the production and installation of metal and climate ceilings and the other is a metal ceilings distributor. Current CEO Anthony Schrauwen and his brother Stephan joined the business as the second generation at the helm in 1994. Anthony Schrauwen took over the shares from his brother in 2020 and still heads the Interalu Group to date. 

Interalu and LCC have experienced strong growth over the last 50 years, with Interalu even reaching the market leader position in Belgium. 

With offices in Luxembourg, Rotterdam, Paris and a partner in Italy, Interalu is an international player in the climate ceilings market, i.e. ceiling solutions that provide cooling and heating thanks to integrated systems.


"We are particularly proud to be a 100% Belgian company. Our head office is in Wilrijk, as is our production facility. Everything that is exported, to Italy and beyond, is produced in Wilrijk." 


Anthony Schrauwen (CEO)

Interalu Group remains committed to strong team work, innovation, satisfied customers and new products.

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