smart acoustic passive power

SAPPceiling is Interalu’s climate-control ceiling for buildings that conceptually aim for the highest sustainability and environmental standards without compromising on acoustic and thermal comfort. SAPPceiling offers all the advantages of climate-control ceilings: low costs, high efficiency, acoustic absorption, thermal comfort, ecological, flexible, and safe.

The distinctive open structure of a SAPPceiling is unique in the world of climate-control ceilings and is not only an aesthetic added value, but also ensures even higher efficiency.

The open structure allows for natural convection. The result? A highly efficient and energy-saving ceiling that quickly brings the room up to the desired temperature. Interalu distinguishes between two types:

  1. the SAPPceiling with horizontal insulation active during the day
  2. the SAPPceilingHybrid with vertical insulation, which remains active at night and discharges the concrete mass in free chilling.

 “Our speciality is to offer customised ceiling solutions together during the conceptual phase. If necessary, we adapt our products to achieve that match.”


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Low energy invoice

SAPPceiling has open joints that make it possible to integrate the mass of the building into the energy concept via night flushing. With a minimum of energy, you can quickly and efficiently bring all your rooms up to the desired temperature without the need for additional cooling or heating systems. Comfort class A with a supply of 18°C to 20°C guarantees low energy invoices.

Did you know that the SAPPceiling can give you 24 credits towards a BREEAM-certified building? We recently had our ceiling solutions screened by Encon. Download our brochure here.


Comprehensive concept

SAPPceiling is a customised, comprehensive system that integrates all techniques, such as ventilation, lighting, sprinklers, etc, into one system. An all-in-one solution that guarantees flexibility and is ecologically and architecturally recommended for a wide variety of projects: islands or continuous applications, all possible colours and free forms in offices, public buildings, care centers, shopping centers, sports infrastructure, etc. It also suits both new buildings and renovation projects.

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The SAPP®ceilingHybrid differs from other climate-control ceilings because the ceiling itself achieves night cooling. In a setup with free chilling, the SAPP®ceilingHybrid discharges the concrete mass ecologically and intensively at night. During the day, the room is then cooled in the most energy-efficient way possible. Due to the cooperation of the ceiling with the concrete mass, an average of 10 W/m² less power is required to cool the room. That’s also very beneficial for the EPC standard. A lower power requirement also means a smaller cooling production setup (±30%), not only saving you a lot of space but a lot of money too.


Technical data


  • Modulation: 50 mm
  • Width active panel: 28.5 mm Joint: 21,5 mm
  • Panel height: 39 mm
  • Perforation: upon request
  • Airflow: ±40-70%
  • Viewing angle: 20°
  • Cooling: 65-70% radiation, 35-30% convection. 103 W/m² at ∆t 10K
  • Heating: 100% radiation. 83 W/m² at ∆t 15K


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