Discover our latest climate-control ceiling

Interalu isn’t resting on its laurels. For years, we have been developing and manufacturing high-quality climate-control ceilings for high-performance buildings. Our extensive range of ceiling solutions offers a solution for every new building or renovation project. All our systems are extremely sustainable and ecological, and ensure a pleasant and healthy indoor climate. We proudly present a new showpiece: Wave Energetic Ceiling or WEC® for short.

Dynamic design

WEC breaks with everything we know so far about classic office buildings. Another extremely sustainable and ecological climate-control ceiling that ensures a pleasant and healthy indoor climate. WEC is a climate-control ceiling that stands out due to its unique design.


Why choose WEC?

Our climate-control ceilings guarantee maximum thermal comfort. The space is quickly brought to the desired

temperature thanks to cool or warm water flowing through the ceiling pipes. The result?

Highly efficient and fast operation. Our climate-control ceilings are a perfect fit for buildings that aspire to the highest

sustainability and energy standards. The WEC has an additional advantage: its playful and fluid appearance makes this ceiling unique. A high-end design for an unparalleled look.