Flexibility of climate ceilings

Climate ceilings are also gaining popularity in renovation projects. After all, climate ceilings can be used flexibly. They can be easily dismantled and reinstalled if required, have a low installation space and provide optimal thermal, acoustic and spatial comfort.


This evolution has not escaped the notice of the Belgian market leader in climate ceilings, Interalu from Wilrijk. Interalu has been an expert in metal ceilings for 50 years, and in recent years especially in climate ceilings. With both headquarters and production in Antwerp, this is a 100% Belgian company. With offices in Rotterdam, Paris, Luxembourg and a partner in Italy, they have become a real world player in the market for ceiling solutions. Thanks to their continued efforts in Research & Development, they continue to offer innovative products.

Carlo Miers, Commercial Director at Interalu, explains: "More and more building owners, developers and architects are finding their way to climate ceilings because these smart ceilings offer a solution for almost every project. Especially in new builds and certainly in renovation projects. There we see building owners increasingly opting for climate ceilings because of the limited installation height."