We adapt to your project. Not the other way around.


Interalu cooperates in your new building or renovation project with great enthusiasm. And without forgetting that your project involves more than just a ceiling. Any specific wishes regarding aesthetics or lighting? We look at how our work fits into your plans right from the very first meeting.

Interalu considers advice and information to be of utmost importance. You can therefore count on the expertise, skills, and experience of our entire team. Together, we are committed to providing the most appropriate ceiling for your project. What kind of living and working environment do you want to create? From drawing board to production, every step is created in-house.


Comprehensive package

Interalu designs, produces, delivers, and installs the complete range. From the first contact to installation, we immerse ourselves in your project. This way, we can be 100% sure that our ceiling meets your architectural, financial, aesthetic, and practical expectations. And we can also guarantee impeccable quality at the end of the process.