2020/06/12 WILRIJK (Antwerp, Belgium) – As of this week Anthony Schrauwen takes over 100% of the shares of the Interalu Group, consisting of Interalu (specialist in climate-control ceilings) and LCC (distributor of modular ceilings). The shares of the family company were divided between Anthony and his brother. The latter decided to sell his shares to Anthony. “I am very proud of what we have achieved so far and am enthusiastic about the future and our ambitions” says Anthony Schrauwen.


Family company

It was Anthony and Stephan Schrauwen’s father who founded the company in 1971. The company grew and evolved to become Interalu and LCC. In 1994 Anthony and his brother Stephan joined the family business and took it to the next level. Their leadership brought the company to expand and to become the worldwide player they are today. With offices in Paris, Rotterdam and Luxembourg the products are internationally distributed. In Belgium Interalu is the leader in the market of climate ceilings. “We are especially proud we have managed to remain a Belgian company. Our company’s head office is located in Wilrijk near Antwerp. Our production as well is on this site. All the materials we export, as far as Italy and even further, are produced in Antwerp.”





This week Anthony became main shareholder. “Together with our motivated team we look forward to the future. Lots of excited projects are waiting for us: next year we celebrate our 50th anniversary and we are working on new products” Anthony Schrauwen shows ambition. “With our focus on innovation and sustainability we hope we can keep making a difference in the B2B market.”