Interalu expands team in the Netherlands

Market leader in Belgium, now also aiming at the Netherlands

WILRIJK & ROTTERDAM - Interalu is investing heavily in the expansion of its Dutch team. Interalu is a Belgian family company specialising in the design, production and installation of metal ceilings and climate ceilings. Headquartered in Wilrijk, the Antwerp-based company has held firmly to its position as Belgian market leader for more than 20 years. Interalu is expanding its Dutch team with a combination of experience and expertise as well as young up-and-coming talent. ‘With this, Interalu wants to offer the same support to its Dutch customers as it does to its Belgian customers,’ it sounds.


Knowledge and experience

For more than 50 years, Interalu has been designing, manufacturing and installing metal ceilings and climate ceilings. For more than 20 years, they have been the market leader in climate ceilings in Belgium. They still produce ceilings in Belgium because they strongly believe in local production and do not want to outsource to cheaper places at the expense of climate and quality. Interalu's speciality is to work closely with architects, technical consultants and project developers at the design stage in order to come up with an optimal design for every project ranging from offices, educational institutions and hospitality and care buildings.

Focus on the Netherlands

Interalu has its headquarters in Wilrijk and additional branches in Paris, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and a distribution partner in Italy. In early 2024, the choice was made to focus more strongly on the Dutch market to also offer Dutch customers the same support as Belgian customers, where Interalu has proven to make a difference with its customer focus and knowledge sharing. 
The Interalu team Netherlands expands with Anthony Schrauwen Junior for business development and Frank van Lookeren as country manager. They will work closely with Bas Metzelaar, Vincent van Wijck and Luc Zandstra. Anthony Schrauwen Junior is the third generation of the Schrauwen family to be active within the company. As a teenager, Anthony Junior already worked in production. Since 3 years, he has worked as a purchasing officer and then as a supply chain manager within the family business. Frank van Lookeren started as country manager for Interalu Netherlands at the beginning of this year after a lot of previous experience at suppliers in the construction industry. The team in the Netherlands now has a lot of assets to further make a difference in the market. 


In addition to Interalu's services, their linear climate ceilings offer many advantages in terms of sustainability, flexibility and aesthetics. So at DPG Media's new headquarters in Amsterdam, there was no hesitation in choosing the Interalu SAPPceiling® with its low carbon footprint and clean look, while beautifully integrating the natural elements of timber construction.
Interalu Netherlands continues to promote the international Interalu approach and contributes to projects that focus on excellent comfort combined with today's sustainability and energy requirements. And all this with a cost-effective solution.