How climate ceilings contribute to acoustic comfort

Whether dining out, studying at school, receiving care in a healthcare facility, visiting a public building or working in an office, the importance of good acoustics is indisputable. An acoustically pleasant environment promotes tranquillity, comfort, clear conversations, increased productivity and reduced stress. Extend acoustic comfort to the workplace, and you will notice a decrease in sick leave, a boost in productivity and an overall positive sense of well-being. But how do you define good acoustics, and how do you achieve it?

Interalu, a producer and supplier of metal ceilings and climate ceilings, is the Belgian market leader in the sector. ‘Acoustic comfort is one of the many benefits that metal ceilings offer,’ explains Carlo Miers, Commercial Director at Interalu. ‘You quickly notice poor acoustics in spaces where many people work or gather together. It affects the mood, people’s energy levels drop, and there’s a prevailing sense of discomfort – which is why we add an acoustic layer that absorbs sound to all our ceilings, for both open and closed structures.’

Architectural freedom

‘Metal ceilings are popular for several reasons: apart from the product’s durability, our ceilings also offer many aesthetic options thanks to their luxurious finish. And we continue to offer architectural freedom by providing custom solutions for every project. We can supply the ceiling in any desired colour, size and shape, and seamlessly integrate various technologies such as lighting and ventilation into the design, leading to impressive results,’ says Annemie Declercq, Team Leader at LCC-Plafonds, specialists in metal ceilings.

‘On top of that, our metal ceilings are also highly suitable for buildings with ambitious sustainability goals,’ continues Miers. ‘I know of buildings where we installed ceilings more than 20 years ago that still look and function as if they were new today. Our ceilings are made from antistatic material, making them maintenance-free, and providing additional peace of mind in the long term.’

Miers and Declercq conclude: ‘With our knowledge and experience, we can offer a wide range of ceiling options, so we have a suitable solution for every project and budget – without compromising on quality and always achieving the desired acoustic performance.’