Fire-stable ceilings, in buildings of today - and tomorrow

Fire safety, and more specifically the fire stability of ceilings, is a complex and evolving issue. This is why Interalu has hired a real fire expert, a specialist in metal ceilings and climate ceilings with his finger on the pulse. For a safe building that conforms to the most up-to-date regulations. 

Interalu has been a specialist in metal ceilings for more than 50 years. With their climate ceilings and integrated system for heating and cooling, they have dominated the Belgian market for years, with popular products such as the accessible and flexible Easy-Klima® Plus and SAPP® ceiling with an eye for sustainability, ecology and design. Fire safety, with both fire stability and reaction to fire - two aspects of fire safety - is obviously an important topic within this product group and thus for the company as well. The company cooperates regularly with specialised research institutes, including with Ghent University, on the subject of fire safety. Interalu also employs an expert - a sitting member of the Belgian mirror committee - who monitors the fire safety of ceilings and helps define the relevant standards.  

Flexible solutions

Flexible solutions
One of the greatest advantages that Interalu's climate ceilings provide is flexibility. Interalu's climate ceilings adapt to the building - not vice versa. Their layout also takes possible future adjustments into account. All Interalu metal and climate ceilings that are placed on the office market therefore guarantee 30 minutes of stability in case of fire. Fire stability refers to the capacity of a building element - the metal ceiling in this case - to withstand a fire on one or more sides without losing structural stability. In simple words: the ceiling must be prevented from collapsing for a certain time period. 

Carlo Miers, Commercial Director at Interalu, says: "It is true that the law only requires a fire stability of 30 minutes for the escape routes and corridors of the office building. But what if the office is leased or sold and the space planner decides to opt for a different modular office layout? Consequence: the corridor will be shifted and the same fire stability is no longer guaranteed. Our advice: make sure office ceilings are fire-stable all over. A future-proof solution that also eliminates doubts about what should be installed where."  

A tangled web of standards and laws

But fire safety remains a complex issue. Rules vary according to the building, rooms, height and occupancy. Carlo Miers: "The applicable standards and laws are changed at regular intervals. New Royal Decrees mean new points of interest. Moreover, each country has its own specific practices and regulations with regard to fire safety in office buildings. This often poses an even greater challenge for international architects. 

As a specialist in climate ceilings, we feel that it is our duty to be in a position to adequately inform and advise architects and contractors in this regard. This is precisely why we have hired an in-house fire expert at Interalu, who also takes internal training courses on fire safety extremely seriously. This ensures that our employees have the most up-to-date information. And they can obviously advise our customers, and rescue them from this tangle of legal regulations." Note that fire safety is not limited to fire stability but is also concerned with reaction to fire, including the speed with which fire spreads and smoke develops. "Here as well, we offer advice and solutions that comply with all applicable requirements and regulations." Customised and tailor-made for each project.

"Ensure that all climate ceilings are sufficiently fire-stable everywhere, for a future-proof office that may occasionally change its layout."