Interalu is the first manufacturer to add its database to Madaster. By adding the Easy-KlimaPlus and SAPP climate-control ceilings to the digital materials ‘cadastre’, Madaster can include the ceilings in the Madaster Circularity Indicator, thus facilitating their reuse.


About Madaster

In the final phase preceding the wide-scale roll-out of Madaster in Belgium, a digital platform that acts as a library and generator of material passports, Madaster also started looking for so-called Max-partners here - as it did in the other countries where the platform is currently operational. The companies sign a two-year contract and subsequently receive all the possible Madaster licences and training. Madaster genuinely nurtures its relationship with its Max-partners: it helps them load their initial projects, organises networking meetings and so on. The Madaster platform, which has been online since October last year but can only be used by Max-partners, is also of interest to Madaster itself: feedback from the Max-partners helps fine-tune the platform before its major launch to the general public.


Interalu and circularity

Interalu is adding its Easy-KlimaPlus and SAPP climate-control ceilings to the Madaster database. Madaster will now include the ceilings, which provide cooling and heating and have an EPD (Environmental Product Declaration), in the Madaster Circularity Indicator (MCI). It goes without saying that this will increase the potential to reuse the ceilings more effectively. Together, Madaster and Interalu are helping to combat the depletion of raw material reserves.


Anthony Schrauwen, Managing Director of Interalu, explains: "This partnership is totally in line with Interalu's commitment to sustainability and circularity. For example, the climate-control ceilings are made of steel, a product that can be recycled 100%. In addition, the ceilings are a long-lasting component of a project and are easy to relocate without producing waste."


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