Sustainability of climate-control ceilings

Sustainability has long been high on the agenda at Interalu, an expert in metal and climate-control ceilings. 


“For years, building owners, engineers, or architects have been choosing our ceiling solutions for a variety of reasons: design, expertise, but also from an ecological point of view and for sustainability,” says Carlo Miers, Commercial Director at Interalu. “Our ceilings are made of steel. This product can be fully recycled. But sustainability goes much further for us. As a Belgian company with both our offices and production facilities in Antwerp, all our products are assembled in our own factory in Wilrijk. A small percentage is imported, but even then, we consciously choose to order from neighbouring countries.”

Renovation and new construction

Every design for a project, whether it is a renovation project or a new building, is thoroughly studied beforehand. The expectations for the building are analysed in consultation with the engineer and/or architect. We design the ceiling together with the construction team with a long-term plan in mind. Thanks to the unique qualities of our ceilings, they are very flexible. If a building changes function or layout tomorrow, little or no intervention is required. “Add to this the minimum maintenance the ceiling requires, and you know you’re in for the long haul,” says Carlo Miers. 


“We have built up years of experience and installed many ceiling meters. We notice that our ceilings remain in buildings for a very long time. And when they come out, the materials are recyclable. The components that fit into our ceilings are also replaceable, recyclable, or movable. We are consciously looking at that. Ceilings can be moved without waste, which fits right into the picture of circular construction.”



Climate-control ceilings are in themselves known as particularly sustainable products because they ensure that the energy consumption in a building is reduced. That makes them energy-friendly.



BREEAM is an internationally recognised certification for buildings. It’s a quality label that recognises sustainable buildings. Thanks to the international standard that BREEAM holds, it is popular with building professionals when green buildings are the end goal. “To assist our partners in their process of obtaining BREEAM certification, we subjected our ceilings to an audit with an external partner last year. The result? A BREEAM report that helps building owners or engineering firms to know what our ceilings can mean for them in terms of BREEAM credits.” 


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Interalu partnered up with Madaster within the framework of circularity. By adding the Easy-KlimaPlus and SAPP climate-control ceilings to the digital materials cadastre, Madaster can include the ceilings in the Madaster Circularity Index and their reuse will be facilitated.


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